Letting Go​​​​​​
Book One of the Coastal Love Trilogy

Jasmine Parks is a strong, no-fuss woman from the wrong side of the tracks. Benson Walsh is a fraternity brother who was raised in a life of privilege. After a chance encounter on the campus of William and Mary, their worlds collide as they start on a path that will forever change their destiny. When forces work to tear them apart, will their love be enough to help them let go of their pasts so that they can build a future?
Book 2 of the series is available through Amazon. 

Continue the story of Jazz and Ben as they encounter new enemies and deal with old demons from their past. 

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Kindle edition
Book 3 is now available on Amazon.

The final chapter of Ben and Jazz. No matter how hard they try, trouble seems to find them.


The touching tale of Edward and Daphne Collins as the embark on the final leg of their journey...

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